N2O Chargers for the perfect cream topping

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We imagine you have made whipped cream before, but how about making it the perfect topping for your cake using N2O Chargers

You can, of course, buy whipped cream in the store, but you will see that the structure is often relatively firm when you do. It is also possible to whip cream by hand; the result will be more liquid with a fairly smooth and creamy consistency. 

When you whip cream using N2O, you will appreciate that the structure has volume and is stable. However, everyone’s preference is different, even from country to country. 

In case you’re not one to enjoy the soft, liquid-like whipped cream, be sure to check out our blog post about how to create the perfect firm cream topping.

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What is nitrous oxide (N2O)?

Nitrous Oxide hasn’t escaped your notice, nor the chefs, bakers, and among others, baristas. More precisely, nitrous oxide is a tasteless gas used in restaurants or cocktail bars to fuel whipped cream and chantilly. Some may also call it a ‘propellant for whipped cream.’

Where can you buy nitrous oxide (N2O)?

Nitrous oxide is findable in either cream cartridges or larger cream chargers. The smaller cream cartridges are 8 gram or 16-gram nitrous oxide cartridges. Essentially, it is a single charge to make one of two whipped cream toppings. Made in steel cartridges, the single ones are not exactly practical when you have to make larger volumes of whipped cream.

On the other hand, 615 gr cream chargers are cylinders with nitrous oxide, available in 580, 615, or 640 grams. 

Important to know: On average, a 615gr cylinder equals 80 single cream cartridges of 8gr.  

The easiest way to purchase cream chargers is right here on the Fast Gas Cream Charger webshop! We’ve even got the option for you to become a distributor if you seek to buy in bulk and a lower price doesn’t escape your sight.

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