Usage of 615gr Cream Chargers

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Using 615gr Cream Chargers at home is slowly becoming the order of the day and is no longer only for high standards defined by chefs. However, as the demand rises, the number of inexperienced people who don’t use it properly increases. If you wish to make optimal use of this device, you must adhere to the guidelines that 615gr Cream Chargers users are required to follow:

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Using 615gr Cream Chargers with a pressure regulator

The ideal way to use a Cream Charger of 615gr like Fastgas is with a pressure regulator. Think about this option if you expect to bake some cakes with a nice finished-topping all day long. 

You can connect your siphon to your N2O gas cylinder or Cream Charger using the regulator up to 20bar. The regulator minimizes gas waste and provides more control in the cream filling process. 

How to connect a Pressure Regulator- Step by step:

  1. Connect the pressure regulator to the cylinder’s valve. 
  2. Install one end of the hose to the regulator. You usually acquire a hose together with the regulator. 
  3. Install the other end of the hose in the siphon. You do the previous where the N2O charge goes. It would be best to pour the mixture before closing the siphon, and therefore, before connecting the hose in the siphon. 
  4. Make sure the hose is tight at both ends. We do not want the gas contained in the bottle to be released.
  5. At this stage, we open the valve on the pressure regulator to release the gas through the hose and let the gas (nitrous oxide) sit in the mixture already poured and agitated in the kitchen siphon.

A good regulator should be suitable for all Cream Chargers, including the cylinders in the format of 615gr. 

Carrying on, the liquid that you pour in your siphon should not be too hot or too cold. Warm and cool liquids are the ones that aerate nicely. And in some cases, you must keep your cream whipper in the refrigerator for half an hour post aeration to allow the foam to acquire better texture before discharge.

If a liquid does not aerate properly, you can shake your kitchen siphon. If the issue persists, you can try recharging your cream siphon once more and then shake it again. If the aeration is still not to your liking, something’s probably amiss with your recipe.

615gr Cream Chargers in the market 

Fast Gas is one of the best cream chargers available on the market today. Unlike the small cream chargers, the fast Gas cream charger is counted amongst the best whip cream chargers because it spares you the hassle of replacing chargers frequently and is time-saving and economical. If you want a full list of benefits, check out our blog posts.


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