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Delivery & shipping times

All orders made before 3 pm will be sent out the next (work)day, the actual delivery time depends on the country you reside in. For a complete list of delivery estimations based on your country of residence see the list below. Do note these are estimations and may vary slightly:

  • Romania – 4-5 days
  • Italy – 4-5 days
  • Germany – 3 days
  • France – 2-4 days
  • Sweden – 3-6 days
  • Denmark – 3 days
  • Spain – 4-7 days
  • Ireland – 5 days
  • Norway – 5-7 days
  • UK – 5 days
  • Bulgaria – 5 days

Note*: ADR-goods receive an additional 25% charge on top.
Note**: Fill out the form and enter the desired amount in the message section to get a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a registered company to place wholesale orders?

If you’re interested in ordering bigger volumes then you do need to have a registered business, including a VAT number. For smaller purchases, you can use our webshop without the need of having a VAT number.

What documentation do I need to place wholesale orders?

As we value our relationship with our distributors, we want all our distributors to confirm the legitimacy of their company and that they are the official owner. All company information that you submit is strictly confidential and will not be shared with others.

Can we arrange our own transportation?

Yes, it is possible for your company to arrange its own transportation. Please contact us either directly or through the distributor form for more information.

Are there any additional costs?

Along with your original quote, including transportation, some countries outside of the European Union charge import duties. Be sure to check the rules in your country before placing your order.

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It has been a great process working together with the FastGas to get my business up and running to become a reseller in Ireland. They've been helpful and able to answer nearly all of the questions I've had during the setup of my new business!
The FastGas team made it incredibly easy to enter the market, I didn't know where to start and in just a month FastGas helped me become a reseller.

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