When the Party Calls, Answer Fast…

FastGas is committed to being the life of your party.

It was established in 2018 by a small team. >>>> Fastforward to now and FastGas has taken over the market.

Do you hear a beat? Has the pulse of the city come alive? Is there rhythm? A spark to your cocktails? Then FastGas is in the house!

Our bestselling charger

European quality means consistency and reliability

Biggest-capacity cylinder

Our compression standards mean this is the biggest charger on the market

The ultimate kitchen accessory

Start making the cocktails of your dreams

Embrace the drive

FastGas is a lifestyle, a statement, and an invitation to embrace the fast lane and the bright lights. Welcome to the party.

Welcome to FastGas.

Fasten your seatbelt

Our brand thrives under the glow of streetlamps and along the neverending roads that define the cityscape. We are for the fast-living, the outcasts, the ones who color outside the lines and find the art in graffiti.

Nightlife is our vibe

At FastGas, we believe in celebrating the night, the parties that never end, and the vibrant energy that keeps the city awake. We are the blend of sophistication and street, the bridge between the sleek urban skyline and the raw, unfiltered moments of nightlife.

Go Fast or go Home