We don’t like to think small, neither should you.

We’re all about efficiency, decreasing the time it takes to do the monotonous tasks so you have more time to do the things that matter.

Our history

Established in 2018, as a small team of only five people we’ve set out with ambitious goals to take over the nitrous oxide market.

Over the next 5 years, we’ve built out our team to over 200+ employees and went from only serving a small market to offering our products in over 40 different countries on three different continents.

By 2022 we’ve grown into one of the largest worldwide distributors of nitrous oxide, helium, and carbon dioxide for both the consumer as well as the business-to-business market.

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Our core- & service values

Ever since the inception of our brand we’ve held certain core values that we still try to operate by each and every single day. These values give us a reason to strive for more efficiency, focus and growth year over year.

As we view our product as an extension of ourselves, we strive for nothing short of perfect for our range of products.
We believe with the years, experience follows, the longer we’re in the market of disposable cylinders, the more proficient we’re becoming.
Since 2018 we’ve strived to diversify our team as much as possible. People from all kinds of backgrounds in countries on all continents to find as much perspective as possible.
Competitive pricing
Across the board we’re trying to offer competitive pricing no matter the continent or country. We believe our distributors should receive the best possible prices.
Ease of communication
No matter the time, or the question, our distributors are always able to contact our support team and get the necessary help.
Adding additional value
We believe in adding more value than just our product for our distributors. We also offer free video and photo content, as well as promotional material.

A worldwide presence

What started out as a small presence in the heart of western Europe has grown into a worldwide distribution network. We’re extremely proud to be active in over 40 countries and selling over two million disposable cylinders yearly to people all over the world.

A worldwide presence

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