New improved capacity: now containing 670g

  • Unlock more value with FastGas and benefit from enhanced capacity in the same bottle size!
  • Best prices on the market
  • Discreetly packaged & delivered
  • High-quality, certified gas

Quality products, free delivery.

We value customer satisfaction above all else, which is why our gasses are made of the highest quality. All of our FastGas gasses are 100% produced in European countries and compliant with the rules and regulations of the European Union.

Creating memories out of moments

Whether it’s your first kiss, or that special moment during one of your trips, we’re here to make those memories even more memorable.

We’re here to give you that extra boost to keep going, or to help you unwind after a long day. Since our inception we’ve always believed in creating lasting memories.


The benefits of FastGas

Bulk discounts
Bulk discounts
The more cylinders you purchase, the cheaper it gets.
Track your order
Track your order
All orders are sent with Track & Trace.
European quality
European quality
Our products are 100% produced in Europe

How to become a FastGas distributor?

If our webshop range does not offer the quantities you need, then becoming a distributor could be the perfect solution.

You will always be in direct contact with our Sales Representatives who can help you manage your orders and answer your questions. Our WhatsApp service makes it easy to contact us even outside office hours.

You will be the first to know about price fluctuations and special offers, we always offer the best possible price and make sure your company never runs out of stock!

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefits of becoming a distributor

Here’s a full rundown of al lthe benefits you’ll receive once you become a Fast Gas distributor.

  • Direct contact with our Sales Representatives
  • First in line to hear about price changes
  • Access to high-quality European gasses for wholesale prices
  • Access to our personal database of free photo & video content
  • Your own personal reseller platform for insights
  • Branding material free of charge

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept direct bank transfers, as well as PayPal and credit cards.

Do I have to pay extra for the added nozzles?

Each order we send out includes a free nozzle with no additional cost.

What happens after I’ve placed my order?

After placing your order you will receive your track and trace code either by email or sms.

Shipping- & delivery times

All orders made before 11 am will be sent out the same day, the actual delivery time depends on the country you reside in.
For a complete list of delivery times check out our shipping times.

Belgium – 2 working days
Bulgaria – 6-7 working days
Denmark – 4-5 working days
Germany – 3 working days
Estonia – 5-7 working days
Finland – 6-7 working days
France – 5 working days
Greece – 8-10 working days
Hungary – 4-6 working days
Ireland – 5-6 working days
Italy – 5 working days
Croatia – 4-5 working days
Latvia – 5-7 working days
Lithuania – 5-7 working days
Luxembourg – 2 working days
Malta – 6-8 working days
Austria – 4 working days
Poland – 4 working days
Portugal – 6-7 working days
Romania – 5-6 working days
Slovenia – 5 working days
Slovakia – 4-5 working days
Spain – 6-7 working days
Czech Republic – 4-6 working days
Sweden – 4 working days

Track & Trace

Track & Trace is a convenient way to track your shipment online using a barcode. All you need is the recipient’s barcode and postal code.


We find privacy very important, for this reason, we do not use logos on any of our shipments. The unmarked box arrives anonymously at your doorstep.

Do I need to be a registered company to place wholesale orders?

If you’re interested in ordering bigger volumes then you do need to have a registered business, including a VAT number. For smaller purchases, you can use our webshop without the need of having a VAT number.

What documentation do I need to place wholesale orders?

As we value our relationship with our distributors, we want all our distributors to confirm the legitimacy of their company and that they are the official owner. All company information that you submit is strictly confidential and will not be shared with others.

Can we arrange our own transportation?

Yes, it is possible for your company to arrange its own transportation. Please contact us either directly or through the distributor form for more information.

Are there any additional costs?

Along with your original quote, including transportation, some countries outside of the European Union charge import duties. Be sure to check the rules in your country before placing your order.

Delivery estimations

All orders made before 3 pm will be sent out the next (work)day, the actual delivery time depends on the country you reside in. For a complete list of delivery estimations based on your country of residence see the list below. Do note these are estimations and may vary slightly:

  • Romania – 4-5 days
  • Italy – 4-5 days
  • Germany – 3 days
  • France – 2-4 days
  • Sweden – 3-6 days
  • Denmark – 3 days
  • Spain – 4-7 days
  • Ireland – 5 days
  • Norway – 5-7 days
  • UK – 5 days
  • Bulgaria – 5 days

Note*: ADR-goods receive an additional 25% charge on top.
Note**: Fill out the form and enter the desired amount in the message section to get a quotation.

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