The Benefits of a Large N2O Cream Charger

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Were you considering using a large N2O Cream Charger or N2O cartridges? If so, this article might come in handy. We have put together some of the advantages of using a larger N2O cylinder. Stay tuned. 

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Economic advantage

First, buying a larger nitrous oxide cream charger brings an economic advantage. For the same amount of nitrous oxide, you’ll spend more money if you buy the same amount of small cartridges.

The average price for 50 individual N2O cartridges is around 30 euros, excluding tax. A nitrous oxide tank from Fast Gas delivers nearly double the amount compared to individual N2O canisters!

The cost of a beautiful nitrous oxide cream charger from Fast Gas is a paltry €29.95, including VAT.

Logistical advantage

Logically, there is a vast space-saving in the transportation and storage of N2O Cream Chargers compared to the individual N2O cartridges. For example, most individual N2O cartridges contain about 8 grams of nitrous oxide. However, a nitrous oxide cylinder from Fast Gas includes 615 grams of N2O.

When you buy larger nitrous oxide cylinders, you save on transportation costs. But also on packaging costs. And since sustainability is an essential issue on everyone’s agenda, this is a crucial point to consider. Also, because the nitrous oxide cylinder consists of one part, it is easier to store and retrieve for larger distribution centers.


Besides the facts above that already contribute to sustainability (fewer required storage, fewer logistics costs, and fewer packaging costs), a point in favor of Fastgas Cream Chargers is that one cylinder makes a big difference once you need to throw it away. Fast gas bottles are disposable. In contrast to loose nitrous oxide cartridges, one cylinder represents less garbage for this world.

Wholesale orders

Were you interested in purchasing nitrous oxide cylinders at wholesale prices? You arrived at the right place. Fast gas offers a wholesale discount and a more efficient delivery of the nitrous oxide you need; the costs can be reduced and, therefore, the burden on your wallet in preparation for an upcoming event.

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