Tips for Buying the Right Whipped Cream Chargers

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Essential Tips Before Purchasing Whipped Cream Chargers

If you work in the food industry, two things haven’t possibly escaped your attention: whipped cream chargers and a cream dispenser. These two appliances make everything faster, easier, and more efficient in the kitchen. 

So, if you are most likely willing to add these tools to your kitchen collection, reading this blog will make your day! We now present some tips you should consider before purchasing whipped cream chargers. 

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8 Things you should consider before buying Whipped Cream Chargers 

Today’s market is brimming with so many options on the internet, so the search for suitable whipped cream chargers inevitably becomes overwhelming. The good news is that we will ease your work on this ultimate guide!

To begin with, make sure you know your needs and actual budget. You can start determining whether a product suits you more or not. Here are some bullet factors to take into account when purchasing whipped cream chargers in bulk:

  1. Compatibility with the whipped cream dispenser: The first thing you need to know about N2O chargers (or nitrous oxide cartridges) is the standard size on the market. You usually find cream chargers from 8gr, the most popular, the 640gr or more nowadays. In this range, you can ultimately discover 8gr, 580gr, 615gr, and 640gr. What size is suitable for you? Please think of the volume of mixture you need to prepare and the compatibility with your cream siphon. 8gr cream chargers are, in any case, ideal for all cream dispensers. 
  2. Potential to use domestically: One of the best features of the cream capsules is that they are findable in a wide range of sets, typically from 12 to 120 pcs per box (the most requested are the boxes of 24 and 50 brands such as Mosa or Kayser); it all depends on the brand you are using. For use at home, in preparing whipped cream, for example, a half-pint produces one full cup of whipping cream. 
  3. The desired level of professionalism: if you are a professional chef and your job demands it, you should always look for high-quality kitchen utensils; this to say, if you purchase whipped cream chargers, it would be better if you buy the best brand in the market. Often, the most prominent companies offer additional products in the catalogue that can be convenient for you. For instance, on Fast Gas, we sell cream chargers of 615gr and offer the cream siphon and press regulator under request. 
  4. Ease of use: Manipulating 8gr standard-size cream chargers is no mystery. Alternatively, using bigger cream chargers can be tricky, especially because you require a regulator, a filling, and an adaptor with a cream whipper. Nevertheless, you will not return to the individual cartridges once you discover the magic of 580gr or 615gr cream chargers. Unlike the small canisters, the 580g cream chargers are incredibly time-saving when creating whipped creams, soups, and cocktails on a large scale. 
  5. Check Top lists! So far, you are entitled to the main bullet factors and can fish for whipped cream chargers. Still, the remaining doubt is which are the best whipped cream charger resellers in the market, small or big if you seek to purchase food-grade nitrous oxide
  6. Choose recyclable options when possible: It’s no joke we are living in times of chaos and environmental disasters. For this reason, we need to be 24/7 environment-conscious. Go then, preferably for brands that work with recyclable material. Fast Gas, for instance, is already a disposable cylinder. You can throw it in the garbage container without guilt.
  7. Think price-wise: Whether you’ve got the budget, it is wise to consider the price point. Therefore, when searching again online, check the price per unit of one box of 24 or 50 capsules compared to the cost per unit of a 615gr cream charger. You might be surprised by the difference!
  8. Go through the product reviews: yes, yes, yes! First, do your job, research well, and deep into the brand you want to buy. While reading reviews, you may find that nitrous oxide runs out faster by some brands than others, or some brands have a more robust chemical taste than others. Do not skimp on your search! All little details are valid and essential to make your experience unique! 

We hope you have enough to go and access the world of molecular gastronomy! You can read our blog, How Do Whipping Siphons Work, as an extra.


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