Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers Versus Cream Cartridges

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If you need nitrous oxide in larger sizes or quantities for your hospitality business or event, we recommend purchasing large Cream Chargers rather than small Cream cartridges. The last often come in the form of 8 to 16 gr. 

  • Such a canister is helpful to charge a single cream siphon. You should not use more than 2-3 cartridges with your dispenser. Don’t overcharge your siphon!

In parallel, a larger Cream Charger consists of 580gr, 615gr, or even 640gr. You can consider 2 kg or more cylinders more prominent than this format.  

So, if you need to be a whole evening filling your syringe continuously to make delicious dishes, a larger Cream Charger of the size you wish will do. 

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The durability of Cream Chargers versus Cream Cartridges

As indicated, a larger nitrous oxide cream charger holds 580 grams, and the cream cartridge contains 8 to 16 grams. That is to say that how much it has will tell how long it will remain. A Cream Charger of 615 gr, for instance, equals more than 80 canisters. 

Typically, this factor will lead to your decision to buy a small canister or a large cream charger. It is up to you and your necessity. At least now you have an idea of how much steel you are using and throwing away, instead of manipulating one single piece that is just bigger. 

On top of the previous, you can think of transportation, operational, and production costs. Sometimes, a single cylinder of 615gr can represent less money to your wallet, and most importantly, less effort to your time. 

N2O Cream Chargers save you space

When you purchase many small cartridges, it takes up space in your business, storage areas, or other places where you would want to store the nitrous oxide. By choosing a larger tank, you don’t have to make orders as often, which saves a lot of storage space. Making fewer deliveries also saves on shipping costs.

Cost advantage when using cream chargers instead of cream cartridges

For a package of 10 cream cartridges of 8 grams nitrous oxide, you pay an average of 5 euros. A quick calculation says that if you want 580 grams, you pay 40 euros. At Fast Gas, you pay €27.99 for a tank of 615 grams N2O. So why would you buy 80 separate cream cartridges for the same amount of nitrous oxide where you also have to pay more money?

User-Friendliness of Cream Chargers versus Cream Cartridges

Till this moment, we have outlined some reasons for you to believe in the benefit of larger Cream Chargers. But we haven’t mentioned just yet, the most significant detail: N2O tanks are more user-friendly than individual cream capsules. 

For one, a tank of nitrous oxide allows you to regulate the exact amount of gas in one go. This aspect will enable you to charge your siphon quicker because you are not wasting time with the continuous replacement of cream cartridges. This brings us to our following reason, and it is: 615 gr tanks are easier to use. Fast gas bottles have one click-system that offers you more control during manipulation. 

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