A Nitrous Oxide Pressure Regulator – How to Use

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Suppose you run a catering business, bakery, or high-end restaurant, and it happens that you prepare large batches of whipped cream made daily. In that case, you probably have already manipulated a pressure regulator, some nitrous oxide cylinders, and N2O nozzles. These top-grade tools can not work without the other. 

If you are unfamiliar with pressure regulators, the following guide can be of great use to discover more about this fantastic tool.

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What is a Pressure Regulator?

In simple words, a pressure regulator is a valve designed to provide control during nitrous oxide supply and, what’s more, a reliable means when using N2O tanks like Fast Gas in the preparation of whipped cream. The best option if you are seeking to go the extra mile on your kitchen. 

Furthermore, a pressure regulator can do the middle job before topping your dessert or your favorite garnish. Undoubtedly, the ideal connection between your cream dispenser and the N2O cylinder

On top of that, pressure regulators are precisely engineered to offer a clean, safe, stable, and consistent gas delivery into the cream siphon

Nozzles Vs. Pressure Regulators 

Have you ever ordered a nitrous oxide cylinder on Fast Gas or any other website, and you notice you get a plastic nozzle together with it? Well, this is the simplest and easiest way to open the valve of the N2O bottle—the only one. Nevertheless, their specialty stops there: you use it to open and secure the valve again. 

The previous being said, a nozzle can not and will never replace a pressure regulator when controlling the pressure expressed in bars. Also, not when talking about safety and operation advantages. It will just help you lock and unlock the valve. 

In this way, if you wish to introduce a certain amount of nitrous oxide into a cream dispenser, you can use a pressure regulator and a hose system to keep the gas under control. 

How to Use a Pressure Regulator with a Cream Dispenser?

Imagine you have your whipped cream mixture, N2O bottle, and cream dispenser in place. Then you only need to think about the pressure regulator and the parts that come with it. When you have them ready, follow the next steps:

  1. Unpack your pressure regulator. It probably includes a valve and a tubing system (a hose).
  2. Connect the regulator to the cylinder! For this, screw the regulator to the cylinder’s valve till it is secured. 
  3. Now, connect one side of the filling hose to the press regulator and the other part to the dispenser. Tight both sides well! If gas comes out, we will be wasting it!
  4. Ready both parts? Place the cream siphon and cylinder onto a table and slowly open the pressure regulator valve. You need to get the regulator gauge to 20 bar and close the valve to get to this value. After this step, we can finally let the nitrous oxide through the filling hose by opening it. We recommend allowing the N2O to go for about 30 seconds till you hear it slows down the sound inside the bottle.
  5. Close the filling hose, disconnect the hose from the siphon, and shake gently for a few seconds. This action will allow the gas to bind effectively to the fat molecules of the cream.
  6. As the penultimate step, place a decorative nozzle in the nozzle adapter of the cream dispenser. You may choose according to preference. Then, turn the siphon upside down, but like really upside down. We have experienced that an abnormal pressure might come first out of the gas if not done correctly.

Being shaking the siphon and placed upside down, the final step is pressing the handle to liberate the mix. Start topping! 

Where can I buy A Pressure Regulator?

Searching and choosing the best option available might require extra time (and money, too). Under request, Fast Gas can supply pressure regulators. Otherwise, we advise you to purchase them on ExoticWhip’s webshop for 89,95€. Both websites offer a high-quality pressure regulator and a top-class service if you also want to buy N2O cream chargers.

Fast Gas is a high-ranked and trusted site to buy food-grade nitrous oxide. Depending on your requirement, you can buy a single bottle of 615g or a multi-pack of 6, 12, or 24 cylinders. Take into account that one box contains six pcs. 


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