Nine Common Mistakes to Avoid for Perfect Whipped Cream

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Nothing can be more irresistible than a perfect whipped cream on top of your favorite sweet delights. If done the right way, whipped cream has the power to make dessert more appealing, be it ice cream, sundaes, pies, or hot chocolate. 

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to prepare the perfect whipped cream. A failure would likely look like a grainy, separated, less sweet mixture or even runny and messy. 

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The good news is that despite all such possible risks, you can make the perfect whipped by being a little cautious and by avoiding the following most common mistakes:

#1 You Failed to Chill Heavy Cream in the Fridge

In its basic form, whipped cream is just heavy cream (with minimum 35-40% fat content) that is whipped with powdered sugar and vanilla until it becomes light and frothy. However, to get it to that point, enough creamy and airy, many people fail to do what’s necessary: to chill the heavy cream for 20 minutes in the fridge before beating it all. Not doing so and starting to whip your heavy cream when it is still warm would cause your cream to fall flat and sad. 

Additional: In the same way, you should chill your bowl, beaters, or whisk. This will move things along quickly!

#2 You Are Not Having the Right Kind of Cream 

Entering a supermarket and getting to the dairy aisle is a complete headache; that is not a secret. Nevertheless, if you prepare whipped cream, you must forget the headache and search wisely for the suitable heavy cream. Not light cream. 

Since light cream doesn’t have enough fat to create great peaks, we recommend using heavy cream with over 35% fat content or above. High-fat content is essential because it allows the cream to get stiff.

Are you a vegan person? Don’t you worry! Many vegan dairy alternatives contain high amounts of fat, such as coconut cream, which you can use to make whipped cream. Also, avoid using “half and half” or whole milk for beating. The reason is that they don’t contain enough fat to hold air bubbles upon whipping. 

#3 Not Adding Sugar at the Right Time for the Perfect Whipped Cream

Avoid adding sugar (or any other sweetener) to whipping cream right when you start to beat it. Note that sugar can prevent the whipping cream from thickening. Hence, allowing the cream to become somewhat thick and attain some shape before you add sugar or a flavoring agent is recommended.

Conclusion: Add the sugar just before the soft peak stage. Preferably powdered sugar for a better end.  

#4 You Haven’t Added the Right Quantity of Sweetener

The wrong amount of sweetener in whipping cream may not ruin your final dish, but it will surely not give you the expected taste.

To achieve the right level of sweetness, think of the plate or dessert you will be topping. It is crucial not to oversweet your preparation. 

#5 You Are Not Using the Right Utensils to Make Whipped Cream

Do you use a wooden spatula to prepare whipped cream? Stop doing it! You are keeping yourself away from the best result! We want utensils that help us incorporate more air into the whipping cream. For instance, a hand mixer can get you where you want. Don’t forget to use a proper bowl to avoid getting dirty from all the splatter. 

Learn here how to make homemade whipped cream step-by-step.

Advice: You may also consider using a hand whisk, but it will take extra time compared to a hand mixer. Nowadays, many professional chefs and home cooks rely on modern tools, such as whip cream chargers and siphons, to prepare high-quality whipped cream in minutes

#6 You Failed to Stabilize Whipped Cream in Hot Weather

Regardless of how perfectly your final cream is, it will likely flatten out or melt soon if the weather is humid and hot. Hence, adding a stabilizer to your whipping cream is vital, allowing the latter to hold its volume and shape, even when the weather is somewhat humid and hot.

There are several different ways to stabilize whipped cream, such as adding marshmallow fluff or butter to your whipping cream. 

#7 Over Beating Your Mixture 

Perfectly whipped cream may transform into a grainy mess if you continue to beat it beyond a specific point. So, what should you take into account while whisking? Speed it is! Speed is essential when you must whip a bowl full of liquid cream. Start at a low rate and gradually increase the intensity as it gets thicker. Whipped cream goes from soft to firm peaks in the blink of an eye. We don’t want to overdo the work.

Ideally, it would be best if you did not whip it further once the cream reaches the stiff peaks stage. Any beating beyond that point will cause the fat solids to segregate, making the mix grainy.

As an extra: We refer to ‘soft peaks’ when the cream holds its shape lightly when lifted with a spatula or whisk. Firm peaks, on the other side, are when the cream has its form firmly when lifted with a spatula.

#8 You Are Not Paying Attention 

Whipped cream is, without a doubt, a quick dish, but it does not mean you need to make it in a hurry or that you should not be paying attention. Like any other dish, it requires your special care. We suggest you stay near your mixer (if not hand mixer) to avoid your cream becoming butter. If you need to multitask while preparing whipped cream, it will help to use a hand whisk even to control consistency.

#9 You Are Using Whipped Cream Immediately

Never pipe your whipped cream onto a cake or dessert, which is still hot – else, your cream will melt immediately. If you know that your dessert will take some time to cool down to room temperature, you can store your whipped cream in the refrigerator. It will stay outstanding for the next few hours.

All nine common mistakes considered, next time you are going to make whipped cream, the result will undoubtedly be excellent! We are counting on that! It is a matter of being cautious and using the right tools. On our ultimate cream charger blog, you can find more information about whipped cream. 

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