Fast Gas 615 grams

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Fast Gas – The 615g Cream Charger

If you are on-site, you probably know what Fast Gas is, but that is not always the case. In the following guide, we tell you all about Fast Gas, as it is one of the most popular nitrous oxide bottles for the food industry in Spain and many other European countries. 

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What is Fast Gas?

Fast Gas is a disposable cream charger that contains food-grade nitrous oxide.  

Our user-friendly nitrous oxide disposable cylinder is the easiest-to-use cream charger to make the perfect whipped cream or foams for beverages. The nitrous oxide disposable cylinder has a capacity of 615 grams of nitrous oxide. 

The nitrous oxide is of European origin, has a purity level of 99%, and is rated E942 food-grade, making it safe for consumption. The cylinder can be used in combination with a pressure regulator to ensure the use of the right amount of nitrous oxide.

Read this guide to learn what nitrous oxide is.

Fast Gas Cylinders, nitrous oxide for kitchen siphons

The Fast Gas cream charger is used alongside a cream siphon to make things like whipped cream and mousses. The nitrous oxide in the cream charger is used as a food additive to make it easier to create whipped cream.

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Therefore, these cream chargers are essential for the food industry, which is mainly focused on catering.

Fast Gas 615 grams of nitrous oxide

Fast Gas is the most popular product we sell and is in great demand in European countries. It is ideal for those seeking to save time during recharging processes and the catering sector. 

You can purchase the latest updated format of 615 grams of nitrous oxide capacity on our website. 

As for charger vs cartridge features, Fast Gas is a high-quality stainless steel cylinder. Also, a single Fast Gas cylinder equals more than 70 individual cream chargers. Additionally, it allows you to reduce recharging time by 50%. 

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You can purchase up to 24 pieces online at the best price. If you need to get larger quantities, you can better contact one of our sales representatives by filling out the distributor form.

Recommendations to follow when using Fast Gas cream chargers

If this is the first time you hear about this product and decide to try it, it is essential to know that although it is a safe food product, we recommend keeping it away from children and minors. 

It is also vital to purchase, in addition to the product, a complementary pressure regulator to adjust the working pressure based on what you are doing. And, of course, do not inhale the gas.  

Do you have any questions about the cream chargers?
Feel free to contact us. Remember that when discussing this product, we refer to nitrous oxide cylinders for the food sector.

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