5 Reasons Behind The Popularity of Whipped Cream Chargers 

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The popularity of whipped cream chargers, also called nitrous oxide chargers, is impressive. They have become a cornerstone in the food and catering industry. Mainly due to their significant impact on molecular cuisine. Let’s remember that N2O allows chefs to create high-standard whipped cream and a variety of creations that take place in fine dining. 

This short guide lists five reasons for the incredible success worldwide. 

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#1 Flexibility of Whipped Cream Chargers 

One of the main reasons for whipped cream chargers’ success and settlement in the food industry is the flexibility when preparing whipped cream and other creations such as foams, mousses, and sauces of all kinds of consistencies.

single N2O bottle is compatible with almost every cream whipper (or dispenser) brand and saves up to 80+ single canisters.

#2 Quality Assurance 

Since the invention of the cream whipper and later the appearance of cream chargers, making whipped cream has become much more manageable. Before using these new tools, mixing heavy cream or getting consistent peaks was an uphill task. Thanks to this duo, the preparation of toppings is quality assured. Of course, under the proper instructions.

#3 Fast Preparation of Whipped Cream 

Another excellent reason for the popularity of whipped cream chargers is that they significantly accelerate the process of preparing a range of beverages and dishes in massive quantities. For instance, you need a minimal amount of nitrous oxide to prepare frothy toppings in large volumes. Bartenders use it actually to create foams for cocktails in no time.

#4 Cost-Efficiency of Whipped Cream Chargers

Often we ask ourselves the following questions: Which brand is the best? Is this price low enough? are there other cheaper options I still need to consider? Our answer: You will never know it all, especially not with whipped cream chargers. 

Luckily for you, we know that small canisters are no longer more effective and certainly not cheaper. Check the subsequent comparison: 

  • Whip-it, the North American brand, sells one pack of 50 pcs for 31 dollars, around 29 euros. FastGas, on the other hand, sells one single bottle for 30 euros, including shipping costs. One FastGas cylinder replaces 85+ canisters. 

The previous means that to reach the capacity of one FastGas cylinder, you need to spend 58 euros without including shipping costs if you go for a regular pack of 50. 

Conclusion: When it comes to mass production, there is no better deal than N2O cylinders. More efficient and sustainable. 

#5 Eco-Friendliness 

Waste management is one of the critical points in eco-friendliness and global warming. For this, whipped cream chargers in the format of N2O cylinders result in a great choice. Since N2O cylinders are mostly disposable bottles, you can throw them directly in a trash container. 

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Now that you are assured about why whipped cream chargers are so popular nowadays, you can directly shop on our website. Fast Gas is one of the most trusted names in the whipped cream charger market, with years of experience, supplying nitrous oxide and, lately, also carbon dioxide and helium cylinders.

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