Power Up Your Drinks with Cream Chargers 

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So if you thought that cream siphon’s labor would end with whipped cream, you are wrong. Cream siphons and cream chargers are way more helpful than you imagine. These two can be the right combination for your next big party.

This short guide will teach you about rapid infusions and how to get the most out of them using cream chargers.

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Rapid Infusions With Cream Chargers

As modern cuisine moves forward, it is not a secret that other fields related to the catering industry also show significant innovations.

One classic technique that was time-consuming was infusion. Something as simple as placing herbs, garlic, or chilis into alcohol or oil to fully obtain a specific flavor or strain.

Thanks to cream chargers, infusions nowadays can be ready in minutes instead of months, at least the high-quality ones. We call them rapid infusions. 

Rapid infusions are used in cocktail bars and restaurants for quick flavor infusions to create the perfect drink, food flavorings, sauces, foams, and mousses. 

Whipped Cream Dispensers to Create Rapid Alcohol-Infused Cocktails

Among chefs and bartenders, the success of rapid infusions is indubitable. Not only is this technique simpler and inexpensive, but it is also fast. You only need a whipped cream dispenser and a cream charger, for example, to create an alcohol-infused cocktail. 

But what role do the cream siphon and nitrous oxide (N2O) play in the process? 

Using a cream siphon allows you to capture the fresh raw compounds of the solid ingredients you want to infuse in either oil or alcohol without requiring any heat. 

N2O, on the other hand, is the reason rapid infusion works. The pressure from the N2O expands the cell walls of the liquid in the siphon and allows the fluid to flow easily through. 

The more liquid that can pass through the solid ingredients, the more flavor you will get. 

Need some inspiration to create your next alcohol-infused cocktail?  Check out the recipe in this guide.

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Cream chargers are undoubtedly an excellent way to power up your drinks, and now you are sure of it. 

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