5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Buying N2O Cream Chargers

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Our most recent blog identified five general advantages of using cream chargers like Fast Gas. This short guide teaches five aspects to consider before purchasing any N2O Cream Chargers online.

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Compatibility with your Cream Siphon

Compatibility is the most crucial aspect when purchasing an N2O cream charger like Fast Gas. The N2O cylinder you use must be compatible with your existing cream siphon. So, when shopping around for N2O bottles, it is recommended to choose one suitable for the dimensions of your siphon. You can even send a message to the provider first to check this out. 

In case you do not use cylinders of 615gr or 640gr but small cartridges of 8g, you should not be worrying a lot. 8g is a traditional and standard size for all cream dispensers.

Disposable N2O Cream Chargers

Nowadays, almost all N2O Cream Chargers of 580gr, 615gr, or even 640gr are disposable nitrous oxide cylinders. Thanks to this feature, you can freely throw them in a regular garbage container. This means you won’t have to store them at home or even have an extra garbage load with the tedious standard canisters. 

Ease of Use 

Undoubtedly one of the most significant differences between 8g canisters and 615g N2O cylinders is the practicability of the bottles and the refilling time they save compared to small cartridges. For example, when preparing whipped cream, you can save up to 50% refilling time by using a larger cream charger. 

However, not everybody likes to use a pressure regulator (an additional accessory) to be able to use both a cream siphon and a bigger cream charger. 

In this case, please think first about your actual needs. 

Type of Nitrous Oxide Gas 

You can find a diversity of N2O cream chargers in the online market, many of which do not contain food-grade nitrous oxide

We recommend you to check this aspect very well. 

If you intend to cook with nitrous oxide, then the N2O indicated for medical use or car racing is not the one you should be purchasing. It would be best to constantly buy N2O of food-grade type, even if you purchase small canisters. 

For this, always check the labels on the bottles. Trustworthy resellers need to include this in their product pictures online. 

The Capacity of the N2O Cream Chargers

Online, you can find a standard cream charger size of 8g. Brands like Mosa, Isi, Kayser, and Liss are the most reliable to get. However, gone are the days of old models. You should be purchasing and looking at the N2O cylinders of much more capacity. 

Fast Gas, for instance, allows you to charge more times your cream siphon to produce batches of whipped cream or other kinds of sauces. And what’s more, one bottle of Fast Gas 615g equals 85+ traditional chargers of 8g. 

We just made it easier for you, haven’t we? Now you are ready to go and catch a good brand that offers you all the above. Fast Gas provides all that and is one click away. Check our product page to discover our product specifications. 


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