Where can I Buy Whip Cream Chargers?

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Whip cream chargers were introduced decades ago, but their popularity and demand have surged substantially over the past several years. At present, we can use cream chargers for various purposes. Still, their most common application is for aerating mixtures like whipped cream. In this process, the nitrous oxide in the canisters or whip cream chargers acts as fuel or propellant under pressure into a liquid food without degrading the final product.

Since it is used extensively across many settings, the demand rises daily. At home, for instance, enthusiasts use them with high expectations. After all, who does not like trying new and strange things?

Keep reading this guide to discover the advantages of using whip cream chargers and the best place to purchase them. 

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Fast Gas – The Best Place to Buy Whip Cream Chargers

A whip cream charger is a canister or cartridge of 8g (universal standard size) or a cylinder made of steel or aluminum, containing nitrous oxide under high pressure. Fast Gas we place in the group of cylinders, or big cream chargers. It is, in fact, a steel-made bottle of 615g containing pure food-grade nitrous oxide (E942), indicated for the food industry. 

This being said, Fast Gas is not a bottle suitable for car racing or as anesthesia in dental offices.

Online, Fast Gas appears as one of the best brands to get. Not only because of its capacity but because of its quality. It is a disposable cylinder 100% made in Europe with all regulations up to date.

Likewise, thanks to a trustworthy online site, where you can purchase up to 24 units for an affordable price (shipping costs included), it is presence on search engines calls for its professionalism and reasonable rate. Not to mention the delivery time to many countries in Europe, fast and prompt. 

You can find out more about the Fast Gas world and many exciting guides about whipped cream, nitrous oxide, and cream chargers applications on the blog page.

Fast Gas & Whipped Cream Dispensers

We have already spoken marvelous things of Fast Gas. Yet, we have not mentioned the great tool/utensil that Fast Gas needs to do magic: the cream siphon or cream dispenser. Let’s see how they work together!

In the big picture, Fast Gas is just the nitrous oxide carrier; it needs a recipient where the nitrous oxide can act as a whipping agent, a cream siphon. 

Generally made of stainless steel or aluminum, a whip cream dispenser (or cream siphon) is a device that forces nitrous oxide into the cream. Simply, the bottle where we introduce N2O to aerate the desired mix by quickly dissolving the butterfat under pressure. 

While it is primarily used to whipping heaving cream, this kitchen utensil results way more conveniently than we think. You can use cream chargers to prepare mousses, foams, sauces, flavored cream for puddings, garnish cold beverages, and gourmet delicacies. Imagine! You can even marinate beef steak with it! Of course, under the proper guidance.

Surprisingly, N2O cream chargers are also oxidizers in hybrid rocket engines. Nevertheless, their primary use remains to be a booster for heavy cream. Lovely, isn’t it?

Given this many applications, it is not wrong to consider having a cream charger home as a fantastic kitchen essential. 

On Fast Gas, you can purchase cream siphons under request. Please feel free to use our distribution form to send us a message. Our sales representative will get back to you as soon as possible. 

5 Advantages of Using Whip Cream Chargers like Fast Gas

There are many advantages of using N2O cream chargers, especially in the food industry. For instance, cream chargers help boost the taste and give a great flavor to your cocktails, coffee, and other beverages. Here are some reasons why cream chargers are so popular among chefs and home cooks.

  1. Cream chargers do not spoil your food: Because N2O combines very well with heavy whipping cream, it does not spoil the final result. Actually, it helps keep your food fresh and well-preserved.
  2. Fast Gas contains Food-Grade Nitrous Oxide: This is not a tiny detail. Probably a significant one. You can confidently and safely use N2O chargers for making dishes and drinks. Making whipped cream with cream chargers is an excellent option as it doesn’t change the whipped cream’s natural flavor, making it a perfect choice for creating a range of creams at home.
  3. N2O is highly soluble in fats: May you want to make whipped cream or a special sauce, working with cream chargers like Fast Gas is a good choice, thanks to its high-fat solubility. You can expect approximately 1.5 liters of whipped cream from around half a liter of heavy whipping cream (having at least 35% fat content).
  4. Eco-Friendliness: N2O is non-poisonous to humans and doesn’t harm the environment. Fast Gas is itself a disposable cylinder. Its manufacturer recycles waste in bulk from all utilized bottles.
  5. Nitrous oxide doesn’t expire: Food-grade nitrous oxide cylinders don’t come with an expiry date simply because they don’t pass. At least not in a year term. As a regulation for product labels, a bottle should usually expire three years after the production date. 

All this considered, when thinking of buying an N2O cylinder, do not hesitate to come straight to our webshop. Fast Gas bottles are probably the best choice for home and commercial use. 

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