Cocktails at home with a Cream Siphon

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Yes, it’s true, and it’s no hyperbole. If you have a cream siphon at home, you can make some exciting cocktails, surprising those whom you serve the cocktails. Two of the most exciting options that you have are as follows: 

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Frozen Gin Fizz  

The Gin Fizz is a sour but refreshing and slightly spicy cocktail. 

These are also the characteristics of a fizz: sour juice and carbonated water. In addition, it is made with gin and sugar syrup. 


  • 75 ml lemon juice  
  • 120 g sugar 
  • Four × egg white  
  • 170 ml gin 
  • 20 ml sugar syrup 
  • 120 ml water 
  • Four × ice 

Your cream siphon will help you prepare the espuma you need to put atop this drink consisting of sugar, lemon juice, gin, and ice blended in a mixer. Your drink will occupy 3/4th of your glass. The remaining portion will have the topping. 

Firstly, heat the water, gin, lemon juice, and sugar lightly and then add egg whites to the mixture. Once ready for the mix, add it to your cream siphon. But don’t use the foam right away. Keep the cream siphon in hot water for some time and shake it vigorously before using its contents.

Turmeric Gin

  • 500ml (17oz) of Plymouth gin
  • 100g of fresh turmeric, sliced into 2mm thick disks
  • 2 N2O chargers


  1. Add gin and sliced turmeric into your cream siphon
  2. Insert the first cream charger, then shake
  3. Insert the second cream charger, then shake
  4. Allow the mixture to sit for two minutes
  5. Hold the whipper upright and vent rapidly into a cup and over a bowl to catch any liquid
  6. Strain into a bottle and store in the fridge

By the term of seven days, take it out of the fridge and consume immediately before the flavor fades.

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