Cream Siphon – Everything You Should Know

Cream Siphon – Everything You Should Know

What is a whipped cream siphon?

– When you buy a cream siphon, you get a suitable tool to quickly make whipped cream from sweet cream. The cream siphon also called a cream dispenser, is filled with cream just before it is used.
– In addition to the cream, cream cartridges are inserted into the cream dispenser. Depending on the amount of cream and foaming, 1-2 cream cartridges are needed.
– Although the cream dispenser made from stainless steel are very robust, but also correspondingly heavy. For the female world, a lighter model variant in the form of an aluminum cream siphon is recommended. Completely independent of the care, both can be perfectly cleaned in the dishwasher.

How does a whipped cream siphon work?

A small cream cartridge is inserted into the top of the cream siphon opposite the spout. This cartridge is filled with nitrous oxide, a propellant gas. This causes the liquid cream in the siphon to foam up and is forced out through a spray nozzle at the head of the siphon.

In many cases, sahnesyphon edelstahl are used in the catering industry, but of course it is hard to imagine a home without such a cream dispenser. Whenever there is a dessert or cake at home, the cream siphon is indispensable. There is no need to whip cream for a long time and the cream can be used perfectly in the cream dispenser, even the next day.

With the cream siphon, you prepare your own whipped cream. Shake a few times and the cream is ready to use. In many cases, cream is also used in molecular cuisine. A certain flavor variety can be easily injected into the foam here to increase the flavor variety.

How long can you keep cream in a cream dispenser?

According to the manufacturer, the cream in the siphon can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 14 days. Since there are different sizes of cream pots, this is a good way to determine the shelf life and does not have to stew in the siphon for 14 days. The cream siphon recipes are also interesting.

Which cream should be used for a whipped cream siphon?

Fresh cream is particularly suitable because here the particularly good taste of the cream for the whipped cream recipes comes out. The storage until use should always be in the refrigerator. It is best kept in the siphon. The whipped cream should be stored at 5 to 7 degrees.

What about the cream cartridges?

One cream cartridge is only sufficient for one filling in an ISI 1603 cream siphon (capacity 0.5 liters). However, you don’t necessarily have to use it all in one day, just so the cartridge is empty.

What is the shelf life of the cream cartridges? All cartridges for cream dispensers are filled with N2O (nitrous oxide) and have a shelf life of years if unused. Regardless of the brand, the cartridges for cream siphon contain 8 grams of liquid pressurized nitrous oxide. Except for the color, there is no difference between cartridges from different manufacturers.

Which is better when I want to buy a cream dispenser – stainless steel or aluminum?

You will find two different types of the cream dispenser. These differ in the handling, as well as in the material of the devices. The first of the two is made of stainless steel, although not everything has to be made of stainless steel. It may well be that the device head is made of plastic or another metal.

In a good quality, this cream siphon wmf or from other brands can be used for heavy-duty applications. For example, in a cocktail bar or extensive catering use. If you rely on a branded device such as sahnesyphon wmf, you can fall back on an extensive range of spare parts, should your cream siphon ever have a technical problem.

But this does not mean that an aluminum cream siphon does not have its qualities. These are also dishwasher safe and much lighter as well. For female staff in a cocktail bar, the weight of the siphon plays a significant role in the long run. Especially when used at the bar for several hours, the weight is positively noticeable in the handling. In addition, the cream siphons are available in 250 milliliters and 500 milliliters, each with the matching cream siphon cartridges.

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