Helium Balloons For Parties? Learn All About It

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Helium Balloons are undoubtedly a great addition to parties of all types; even as a gift, they are worth the effort and the money. 

So, If you have a party coming and have decided to go rogue with balloon decoration, do not think much and order your helium tank on FastGas. Helium balloons are of outstanding durability and won’t disappoint your party spectacle. 

However, if you are still doubting their greatness, we invite you to stay tuned to this guide. This blog will take you through the essential facts about helium balloons. 

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What Are Helium Balloons?

Helium balloons are any sort filled with helium as the primary gas to keep them aloft. The most common use is as a decorative item for parties.

As with any other kind, if you wonder, you need to inflate them to make them what they are, floating objects, generally, with a helium pump. You may require weights and ribbons to keep them on the ground. 

How does a helium balloon work? Check our latest guide to discover the chemistry behind this lovely element. 

How Long Do Helium Balloons Last?

This basic FAQ can not stay out of sight in any handy guide about helium balloons. It is probably the critical factor when purchasing a regular balloon or a helium tank to fill long-lasting balloons. 

Depending on the balloon material, a helium balloon can last up to 8 to 10 hours in the air. Nonetheless, extreme temperatures can reduce floating time. Latex and foil balloons, for instance, are perfect for keeping helium going.

Foil balloons, thus, last well for 7-10 days and remain afloat for weeks. Latex, however, will typically float for up to 18 hours but only look good for about 12 hours. Beauty is not eternal!

Maybe essential to note that not all latex balloons are the same. Some latex balloons (of cheaper quality) do not always hold helium the same way. Make sure you are purchasing good quality latex balloons. 

Can I Make Latex Balloons Last Longer?

There is a magic potion for every wish—the same counts for this query. 

A patented liquid solution called HI-Float is a way to make latex balloons last longer. 

Essentially, it dries inside the latex helium-filled balloon to form a coating that helps hold the helium. 

Are Foil Balloons Better than Latex Balloons?

Unlike latex balloons, foil balloons are not porous and therefore do not require some extra help to make them last longer. 

An 18″ foil balloon will float for an average of three to five days and often longer, subject to the temperature and altitude at which it remains. More enormous foil balloons will float for longer as more helium is used to inflate them.

The previous said, think first of the kind of party you want to throw and then define the type of helium balloon quality that suits you best. 

What Size of Helium Tank For Balloons Can I get?

We just mentioned that in the correct order of ideas, you first define the type of party and then the quality of the balloons you request. Once you decide on the rate, you will also need to consider the quantity. Understanding how much helium gas you would need to inflate balloons is crucial; after all, no one would ever want to run out of helium gas in the middle of the decoration process. 

For the quantity, please take the material of the balloons into account. Along with this, the size of the balloons and the number of balloons you want to inflate. 

The Fast Gas helium cylinder contains approximately 2.2 liters of high-quality European helium gas that can fill up to 30 balloons. 

Depending on the size of your balloons, the next is an estimate of how many balloons you might be able to inflate using a FastGas helium tank:

  • 9″ = 30 balloons
  • 12″ = 12 balloons 
  • 36″ = 3 balloons

To make your calculations, use this helium balloon calculator.

Helium Balloons Near Me 

FastGas’s newest addition to the webshop is probably the best and most practical option for your next party: a user-friendly helium cylinder of a total of 2.2 liters.

It adheres to all European rules and regulations, is 100% disposable, and is made from stainless steel. A whole pack of divinity! 

Thanks to our wide range of services, you can purchase the pressure regulator under demand. A pressure regulator helps you measure the right amount of helium you need to use for each balloon. 

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