CO2 Cylinders – All You Need to Know About Them

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CO2 Cylinders – All You Need to Know About Them

Eateries and drinking establishments serving soft drinks and alcoholic beverages understand us when we say CO2 cylinders are the perfect addition to creating food and carbonated drinks. CO2 tanks are even a next-level accessory for domestic purposes. 

In this guide, we take will teach you some of the most important facts surrounding this subject and will point at one brand-new option that offers high-quality CO2 gas online. Stay tuned for more information! 

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What is CO2? 

CO2 is a colorless but not odorless gas, consisting of one part carbon and two parts oxygen. It is sold commercially worldwide under pressure in steel cylinders or bottles called tanks.

In its basics, it is one of the essential gases on Earth because plants use it to produce carbohydrates in photosynthesis. This fact makes it critical for global warming. 

Furthermore, at ordinary temperatures, carbon dioxide is relatively unreactive; above 1,700 °C (3,100 °F), it partially decomposes into carbon monoxide and oxygen.

Effects of CO2 on The Environment 

Sadly, CO2 has proven to be one of the main contributors to air pollution, significantly affecting global warming. But why is this? 

As CO2 gas builds up in our atmosphere, where it is a minor component, it has a warming effect that could change Earth’s climate. 

That’s because carbon dioxide keeps some of the radiant energy received by Earth from being returned to space, thus producing the so-called greenhouse effect.

A greenhouse gas is any gas that can absorb infrared radiation, like heat energy, emitted from Earth’s surface. In this way, CO2 prevents the Earth from cooling during the night and warms ocean waters during the day. 

Without carbon dioxide, Earth’s natural greenhouse effect would be too weak to keep the average global surface temperature above freezing. 

Watch this video to understand better the greenhouse effect.

What Are CO2 Cylinders?

A CO2 or carbon dioxide cylinder is a steel/metal bottle that compresses CO2 in a liquid state. Unlike most standard gases, the content of a CO2 cylinder is in a liquid form, i.e., “liquefied under pressure.”

You then transport it, store it and handle it ideally in liquid form, either at ambient temperature (in cylinders or non-insulated storage tanks at a pressure of 45-65 bar) or refrigerated (in insulated tankers and storage tanks) at temperatures between -35 °C and -15 °C and pressures of 12 to 25 bar.

  • CO2 cylinder pressure is about 860 psi at average room temperature.

In culinary settings, for instance, CO2 cylinders are the perfect addition to creating carbonated drinks that are no more than drinks that contain bubbles or CO2. A synonym for ‘carbonated drinks’ can be effervescent.

Learn more: Always store CO2 cylinders upright as a safety tip. Never place or keep anything on your CO2 cylinders or micro-bulk containers or store your CO2 tanks near flames or anything that emits high heat.

Most Common Uses of CO2 Cylinders 

You can use CO2 tanks for a variety of things. The most popular uses include carbonated beverages, recreational usage, catering, and fire extinguishing. 

In this opportunity, we will focus on carbonated drinks. 

So you probably have experienced a soft drink with bubbles in it. This effervescence is what characterizes carbonated beverages. 

Carbonated drinks are beverages that contain dissolved CO2, which becomes a gas when it warms to body temperature in your stomach. Hence you feel the need to burp when you drink a cold soda.

As almost everyone loves a nice refreshing soda, some side effects make you forget about its taste and popularity.

For example, the increased risk of obesity is one of the most significant disadvantages of consuming carbonated drinks. 

Sugar-sweetened, carbonated drinks add calories to your diet, which may increase your risk of being overweight and obese.

Where To Buy A CO2 Tank?

If you are new to the drink scene or want to impress your friends and family with fizzy drinks, FastGas’s latest addition to the webshop can be a good starting point.

FastGas’s CO2 tank is a user-friendly carbon dioxide disposable cylinder that consists of either 600, 1250, or 2200 grams of CO2.

Our CO2 cylinder adhered to all European regulations and comes in a lightweight size that you can carry along. 

On the website, it is possible to order up to 24 packs that will be delivered in no time to your location. 

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