8g Cream Cartridges Vs. 615g N2O Tanks

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8g Cream Cartridges Vs. 615g N2O Tanks

If you are planning to purchase N2O chargers soon, know that there are multiple options, and second, not all good-looking brands are the best choice. In today’s post, we will take through some of the most considerable pros and cons of both formats, 8g, and 615g N2O tanks.

Choosing Between 8g & 615g N2O Tanks

Size in all kinds of scenarios is fundamental. In the world of cream chargers, it is not the exception. For your delight, you must choose what’s more convenient and certainly more suitable for the batches you plan to prepare, whipped cream, a variety of toppings, or simply foams

Our advice is to choose based on your needs and preferences. 

Do you want to reduce recharging time? Do you want to have more control over your mixture? Do you want to save storage space? Do you want to save some cents? Ask this all to yourself and figure out what is more suitable for your experience. 

We bring pros and cons that can also be valuable to clear your mind. 

8g Cream Chargers 

By far, 8-gram canisters are the tiniest N2O cream chargers one can get in the marketplace. They typically measure around 0.5 inches wide and 2.6 inches long. It most likely fits any standard cream dispenser available. 

Additionally, 8-gram canisters contain pressured nitrous oxide gas of food-grade quality in its pure form. It would be best if you had nitrous oxide in this way to aerate mixtures like whipped cream.

A one-liter cream siphon, for example, requires two cartridges to aerate a mix. A single 0.5 L cream siphon only requires one. This way, you can whip nearly 1/2 liter of heavy cream into almost two cups of whipped cream.

Recommendation: Do not overcharge your cream dispenser! For a one-liter siphon, use a maximum of 2-3 8-gram canisters. 

Click here to understand better how a whipping siphon works.

Advantages of 8-gram Canisters  

  1. 8-gram canisters do not alter the final taste of your mixture. On the contrary, they increase food processing’s efficiency. 
  2. 8-gram canisters are small and compact. 
  3. 8-gram canisters are affordable, but in bulk can represent an extra load for your storage. 
  4. 8-gram canisters are recyclable so that you can throw them freely at the nearest recycling bin.

Disadvantages of 8g Cream Cartridges 

  1. Since it contains only 8 grams of N2O, 8g canisters empty faster.
  2. 8-gram canisters come in single-use units. The previous means that you must use one whole cartridge even if the requirement is less than that. 
  3. Even though 8-gram are pretty professional and still handy for high-end kitchens, its use is ideal for individuals or home applicability. Made simple, if you have a company and need to produce in mass, canisters might not be your best option, particularly when expecting to reduce costs. 

615g N2O Tanks

A bottle of 615g is one of the larger cream charger sizes that figure on the market, actually among the most popular in the food and drink industry. 

Since it is a cylinder, it is longer and broader than 8-gram N2O cartridges; this supposes more weight. 

Unlike 8-gram cream cartridges, 615g N2O tanks are not directly compatible with a regular cream siphon. You need a pressure regulator in the process of making whipped cream, a specifically designed pressure regulator for nitrous oxide cylinders. 

Despite this little detail, pressure regulators represent more a point in favor than a headache, as you might think. 

The pressure regulator helps you control nitrous oxide’s exact pressure, depending on the volume or size of food or drink you are making.

Advantages of 615g N2O Tanks

  1. 615g N2O tanks are high-quality whip cream chargers that can help you produce large whipped cream batches compared to its counterpart. 
  2. 615 g cream chargers are more time-saving than 8g cream canisters.
  3. Despite their large size, you can carry 615g cylinders along very conveniently.
  4. 615g N2O tanks meet stringent international standards for superior and consistent performance, safety, quality, and environmentally responsible practices.
  5. With the required attachments, 615-gram tanks are compatible with nearly every cream siphon available online.
  6. 615-gram N2O tanks are cost-effective. One single bottle of 615g equals around 80+ traditional chargers. 
  7. 615-gram cream chargers are unbelievably time-saving. Using bottles shortens production time by 50%.

Disadvantages of 615g Cylinders 

  1. The storage for more extensive N2O cylinders must comply with safety measures to prevent unpleasant incidents.
  2. It would be best to have a pressure regulator or a nozzle to manipulate fully. 
  3. 615-gram cylinders like Fast Gas are disposable. Thanks to this fantastic feature, you can throw them without guilt in the nearest container.
  4. N2O cylinders are primarily available online, so you can not purchase them everywhere, like 8-gram canisters. If you need some pieces, plan your event, considering the delivery time of the selected webshop. Click here to check the delivery times of Fast Gas. 

Here you can discover the four best nitrous oxide suppliers near you. 

Hopefully, this guide gives you a clear image of what is most convenient for you. Fast Gas offers 615-gram N2O tanks of a high standard and a delivery with shipping costs included. If interested in becoming a distributor of our products, please visit our distributor’s page. Our representatives will help you gladly.  

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