Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

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Why N2O Cylinders are Convenient

If you have already checked most of our blog content, you might know by now that Nitrous Oxide Cylinders are an item primarily used in the food industry. We will reveal how to get them at the best price in the following guide. 

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How is N2O manufactured? 

If we talk about nitrous oxide cylinders, it is essential to discuss the component or element inside them, nitrous oxide: NO2.

NO2 is manufactured from the heating of ammonium nitrate; throughout a procedure where two different substances are released, ammonia gas and hydrogen nitrate. In this process, the water is displaced, and the nitrous oxide remains, resulting in two different types of nitrous oxide: technical gas and food-grade gas, the latter being the one you will find in our Fast Gas store’s nitrous oxide cylinders for use in the food industry. 

Food-grade Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

A nitrous oxide cylinder can have different uses within the pastry or cooking sector because it allows you to create various elaborations with professional results. Therefore, this is a product used together with a cream siphon and is very convenient for cooking and making desserts offering long-lasting effects. 

For example, among its advantages, we highlight that the mixture can be stored for up to 10 days in the refrigerator and offers very high production volumes. The latter allows us to create textures with a more prominent appearance but less product, which also means a significant economic saving.

When is an N2O cylinder necessary?

Suppose you have a kitchen siphon at home or are considering purchasing one to play around with these culinary elaborations. In that case, a nitrous oxide cylinder is a go-to-get! Whether one or two depends on the recipe. One usually is enough. On Fast Gas, you can purchase from 1 to 24 pieces of 615 grams. Shipping costs are for free!

Tip: Learn how to use the kitchen siphon correctly to avoid mishaps.

Where to buy Cream Chargers at the best price?

If you want to buy nitrous oxide chargers online, enter Fast-Gas and add all the products you need to your cart, so you can receive them at home in record time and start making preparations in your kitchen. Remember that we offer the best value for money on the market.

Just click on the cream charger you want to buy, and you will be able to see the price and shipping time, depending on your location.

Don’t forget that we are a trusted website, with a long history and present in many countries. But even if you have doubts, we can help you finish your order successfully and enjoy your cylinders as soon as possible.


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