The Improved FastGas Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

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The Improved FastGas Nitrous Oxide Cylinders

After months of work, the time is finally here, we’ve upgraded our FastGas cylinders to a total capacity of 640 grams of nitrous oxide! Along with the additional capacity, the price of our nitrous oxide cylinders will remain the same, which is something we are very happy to share with everyone and we believe this will increase the customer experience even further than the great service you are already used to from the FastGas brand.


The increase in nitrous oxide

The old cylinders we were all familiar with used to have a total nitrous oxide capacity of 615 grams, after a lot of research and development we have finally found a way to make the perfect 640 grams nitrous oxide cylinder without compromising the quality of the FastGas cylinders that everyone is familiar with.


The price of FastGas nitrous oxide cylinders going forward

Although the total capacity of the nitrous oxide cylinders has increased by an additional 25 grams, the price of the cylinders will remain the same. We’re very happy with the fact that we’re now able to offer even more capacity without increasing the price of our products, making the experience for all of our customers even better than what you’re used to from FastGas.


An overview of the nitrous oxide cylinder

The new 640 grams nitrous oxide cylinder consists of nitrous oxide of European origin, has a purity level of 99.7%, and is rated as E942 food-grade, which makes it completely safe for consumption.

Along with the above mentioned, the bottle is now larger than the traditional 615 grams cylinders to accommodate the additional 25 grams of nitrous oxide that’s added to the new cylinders.


When will you start shipping the new cylinders?

All orders made on our webshop going forward will be sent the improved capacity 640 grams cylinders. So in other words, we’re already sending the new cylinders.


What about distributor (wholesale) orders?

Wholesale purchases, just like consumer (webshop) orders, will also be filled with the new 640 grams cylinders going forward. If you have any questions regarding your orders, don’t hesitate to get in contact with your sales representative for more information.

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