FastGas Original Nitrous Oxide Cylinder 2000 grams

Our user-friendly nitrous oxide disposable cylinder is the easiest-to-use cream charger to make the perfect whipped cream or foams for beverages. The nitrous oxide disposable cylinder has a capacity of 2000 grams of nitrous oxide. 

The nitrous oxide is of European origin, has a purity level of 99%, and is rated E942 food-grade making it safe for consumption. The cylinder can be used in combination with a pressure regulator to assure using the right amount of nitrous oxide.

  • Adheres to the European rules and regulations
  • Disposable cylinders made from stainless steel
  • Improved cylinders guaranteeing full capacity

Not sure how to use the nitrous oxide cylinder? Read the manual here.

  • Discreetly packaged & shipped
  • Free shipping within the EU

What is nitrous oxide used for in the food industry?

Nitrous oxide is primarily used in the food industry or at home in your own kitchen for creating whipped cream or foam for beverages. When combined with our pressure regulator you can precisely measure how much nitrous oxide you’re using for your whipped cream or beverages.


Weight 1,9 kg

2000 grams


Disposable cylinder


Nitrous oxide


Stainless steel

Substance Identification

UN.Nr 1070



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