Our name means Quality — Now on Every Canister

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FastGas is the most recognisable brand in the world when it comes to N2O. That’s why we’ve added ‘By Ramdon’ on the canister. 

We’re proud of our product — its quality, efficiency, affordability — so we want to make sure that you get the N2O we make with our strict manufacturing controls in our European-standard plants. 

Don’t settle for less. Check your canisters. If it’s by us, we’ll let you know. 

A Team that Will Stay by You

FastGas is brought to you by a dedicated team that will be beside you every step of the way. We want your business to succeed and our genuine products ensure that you can do that safely and legitimately. 

European Quality

We always come back to this — each canister comes filled with the highest-quality N2O. It’s made with the most stringent of European standards, ensuring quality each and every time. 

Want to Share?

We will provide you with everything that your business needs to soar. Tell the world you’re proud to distribute our N2O canisters — we’re proud enough to put our name on them. Share the story and allow your business to benefit. Our type of success is mutual success. 

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