The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Whipped Cream Chargers

A Beginners’ Guide To Using Whipped Cream Chargers

Once you understand the underlying mechanism behind whipped cream dispensers and the role played by NO2 whipped cream chargers after being introduced in the dispenser, you can’t resist appreciating what goes on within every culinary preparation you create using a Fast Gas cream charger. This further will help you to be more creative with your gastronomic ideas and easily figure out anything that deviates from your plan.


The Process Of Using An N20 Cream Charger And Whipped Cream Dispenser 

The process of using nitrous oxide gas (N20) for whipping is as simple as introducing the gas into a liquid. It is similar to using a soda syphon. The only difference lies in the gas that is used in whip cream chargers 580g. While soda syphon cartridges have pressurized carbon dioxide gas (CO2), a cream charger contains pressurized nitrous oxide (N2O) gas. So, it is due to the distinctive properties of the two gases that both are used for different culinary applications. 

  • Carbon dioxide gas is more soluble in water than nitrous oxide. For this reason, carbonated beverages are fizzier than products from whipped cream chargers.
  • Carbon dioxide gas is acidic, whereas N20 is neutral. It’s the acidity of CO2 that makes fizzy beverages somewhat tangy in taste and for this reason, carbonated water tastes different from the normal water it was created from. On the other hand, N20 imparts literally no flavor to anything it is passed through – which is why it is perfect for drinks, savories and sweets.
  • When under pressure, nitrous oxide can easily dissolve in fats. This is the reason why liquids with nearly 27% of fat content can easily be whipped using a Fast Gas cream charger. The fat could be either within the whipping (or double) cream or introduced from the outside into the cream to be whipped (often butter). 


Science Behind Whipped Cream Dispensers And Cream Chargers

To be true, there is no rocket science behind the process of creating whipped cream using cream charger pallets. Whatever liquid you want to create foam out of, should be placed in the dispenser bottle. Then, it is made pressure-tight by heading the screw down. The 580g N2O cream charger, containing pressurized nitrous oxide gas, is used to apply pressure to the liquid in the dispenser while forcing the N20 to dissolve in the mix.Based on your requirement, this needs to be done while the mixture is still warm as this allows the gas to penetrate deeply into the substance. 

Once the trigger is pulled, the contents in the cream dispenser is pushed out under pressure, causing the dissolved N2O to expand. All preparations involve some kind of fat or a thickening/fattening agent to prevent nitrous oxide from disappearing into the atmosphere.  


How To Use Nitrous Oxide Whipped Cream Chargers

To begin with, open the top of the whipped cream dispenser from the container below. Next, add the desired liquid content into the bottle that needs to be whipped. This may include anything, from whipping cream for drinks and desserts to a meringue mix for extra fluffiness and whipped meringues. After adding the contents in the bottle, screw the top of the dispenser and place a nitrous oxide whipped cream charger into the holder. 

Once you achieve the correct position, turn the cream dispenser slowly.At this point, you will start to hear the hiss sound of the gas being released. Shake the dispenser well to mix the contents and flavoring agents while keeping the desired dessert or beverage in mind. Finally, press the lever down.


How Long Does Whipped Cream Last?

If kept refrigerated, whipped cream inside a dispenser can last up to 10 days. Having said that, the shelf life of whipped cream may also depend on the ingredients used and the expiry date of the whipping cream. 

This broadly means, you can create desserts like tarts and cakes, or beverages like frappe coffee and hot chocolate over the course of a week – without wasting any whipping cream or buying extra whipped cream chargers.


How to Clean A Cream Whip Charger Dispenser

For effective cleaning, separate different parts of the equipment. Remove the top along the holder. All the parts – including the nozzle, valve, and dispenser – should be cleaned individually, using lukewarm water and soap. In case the metal base is separable, remove that too for the best results.

You can also use your dishwasher to clean it, but only if your product manual says so. It is however recommended to wash the dispenser top manually, using a piece of cloth. 


Reasons To Use A Fast Gas Cream Charger

Here are a few reasons why using whipped cream charger is totally worth it:

  • Whipped cream dispensers are perfect to add air to the liquid contents, which makes the volume of the liquid way larger. Therefore, less contents are required to aerate the whipping cream, making the final mix to have less unnecessary fat and calories.
  • Usually, gelatine is required to achieve the similar texture as with cream chargers, which makes the cream unfit for vegetarians. However, a whip cream charger obliterates the need for any additional thickening agent.
  • Adding other elements in the absence of a cream charger can degrade the actual taste. But, with a cream whip charger, the flavor remains unaltered and the final product tastes fresh.
  • Foams in whipped cream dispensers can be preserved for a longer duration. This means less wastage and you can make multiple dishes or beverages over a period of time.
  • Fast gas cream chargers give home cooks ample room to experiment with toppings and sauces, which makes cooking even more exciting.


Whipped Cream Chargers - To Conclude

Now that you are aware of almost everything you need to know about 580g N2O cream charger cylinders, you are open to endless possibilities. If you haven’t bought one yet, there is no point to delay. 

In case you are looking for a cream charger in Dublin, Ireland, consider buying from a reputed online seller. Established online stores not only guarantee superior product quality, timely delivery and easy returns, but they also offer great discounts if you choose to purchase cream chargers in bulk.