cream charger cocktail recipe

Cream Dispenser Cocktails At Home

Yes it's true and it's no hyperbole. If you have a cream dispenser at home, you can make some really interesting cocktails, surprising those whom you serve the cocktails. Two of the most exciting options that you have are as follows: 

Frozen Gin Fizz  

The Gin Fizz is a well-known, sour but refreshing and slightly fizzy cocktail. These are also the characteristics of a fizz: sour juice and carbonated water. In addition, it is made with gin and sugar syrup. 


  • 75 ml lemon juice  
  • 120 g sugar 
  • 4 × egg white  
  • 170 ml gin 
  • 20 ml sugar syrup 
  • 120 ml water 
  • 4 × ice 

Your cream dispenser will help you prepare the espuma that you need to put atop this drink consisting of sugar, lemon juice, gin, and ice blended in a mixer. Your drink will occupy 3/4th of your glass and the remaining portion will have the topping for which you first need to heat water, gin, lemon juice, and sugar lightly and then add egg whites to the mixture. This preparation will be mixed with your cream whipper that you will have to recharge once with a cream charger but you cannot use the foam straightaway. You'll be required to keep your cream dispenser in hot water for some time and shake it vigorously before using its contents. 

Can Filler Drink

Another interesting cocktail that is not too hard to make, provided you follow every step correctly.


  • 50 ml Bacardi
  • 25 ml Rote Rüben Saft
  • 8 años - Please specify, can’t find this ingredient either
  • 20 ml sugar syrup
  • 25 ml fresh orange juice
  • 1 × pinch of salt
  • 100 ml coconut syrup
  • 400 ml coconut water
  • 4 tsp. Pro Espuma

As you can see, you need several different types of liquids viz. Bacardi, Rote Rüben Saft, años, sugar syrup, and fresh orange juice to prepare the cocktail. Your cream whipper will come in handy for preparing the coconut espuma, which adds the final touch to this cocktail.

You just have to mix coconut water, coconut syrup, and Pro Espuma, put the mixture in your cream whipper, recharge it once with a suitable cream charger, and shake your canister heartily in the end.

There are several other cocktails which will require the use of your whipping siphon. The famous Pina Colada is a prime example in this regard. You may have also noticed that we have emphasized the recharging of your whipping siphon. Fast Gas, one the best cream chargers available on the market today, will not only benefit you by saving you money on traditional solo chargers, it also saves you precious time to instead spend on making great, and fun creations.

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