The Perfect Cream Topping Made With Nitrous Oxide

How to create the perfect whipped cream topping for your cake

You've surely made whipped cream before, but how about making it the perfect whipped cream topping for your cake? You only need a few ingredients; sugar, (whipped) cream, nitrous oxide cream charger, and possibly a flavor like vanilla to spice up the whipped cream. It is important when whipping the whipped cream that it does not separate. Below we've explained how to get that beautiful, firm, whipped cream topping with the perfect swirl.

You can of course just buy whipped cream in the store, when you use this form of whipped cream you will see that the structure of the whipped cream is oftentimes rather firm. If you whip cream by hand you the result often is that it is more liquid with a fairly smooth consistency, creamy. When you whip cream using N2O you will see that the structure has volume and is stable. However, everyone's preference for the structure of whipped cream remains different, even from country to country. So there are also many different techniques to apply.

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Growth in the popularity of nitrous oxide

Now it takes some skill and knowledge of the product, N2O, it has surely not escaped your notice that the use of nitrous oxide and whipped cream cartridges are starting to become more popular among professional chefs, bakers, and also baristas. When you use whipped cream cartridges it delivers very fast results, it gives as much as over four times more liquid cream than when you whip it up by hand.

What is nitrous oxide (N2O)?

Nitrous oxide is a tasteless gas often used in the medical world or the creation of, for example, computer chips. Surprisingly the market for nitrous oxide is growing rapidly with many smaller distributors selling locally.

Whipped cream on cakes and bakings

Where can you buy nitrous oxide (N2O)?

Nitrous oxide can be bought in the form of either cream cartridges or larger cream chargers.

The smaller cream cartridges are 8 gram or 16 gram nitrous oxide cartridges which, essentially, is a single charge to make one of two whipped cream toppings. Made in steel cartridges the single cartridges are not exactly practical when you have to make larger volumes of whipped cream.

On the other hand, cream chargers are cylinders with nitrous oxide, available is 580, 615 or 640 grams. The cream chargers on average hold the equivalent of 80 cream cartridge charges which as you can see makes it a lot easier to use when you have to create larger volumes of whipped cream.

The easiest way to purchase cream chargers is right here on the Fast Gas Cream Charger webshop! We've even got the option for you to become a distributor if the quantities sold on the webshop are not enough, simply fill out our distributor form!

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How does nitrous oxide and a cream siphon work?

The whipped cream siphon ensures that the liquid nitrous oxide is converted into whipped cream. When the pressure is increased it causes small bubbles to form and this whips up the cream. When you shake the whipped cream siphon it ensures that the N2O gas is evenly distributed. This is a part where you have to be very careful, you can compare it to manually whipping the cream. If you do this too much and too hard it can destroy the cream, it makes for firm cream but it can also cause clogging. So what should you do? We recommend shaking about 3 times and then testing the cream, if you are not satisfied you can repeat this. The more you shake, the more bubbles will form, and the denser the consistency of the cream will become.

How long does nitrous oxide infused whipped cream stay good?

The whipped cream you make with a whipped cream siphon can be kept in the fridge for up to about 10 days, this is because it is airtight which means it takes much longer for the whipped cream to break down.

There you have it, you're all set to make the perfect whipped cream and impress some people with your newest creations!