The benefits of a large nitrous oxide cream charger.
The benefits of a large nitrous oxide cream charger, rather than individual cartridges.

Do you have a fun event planned? Or perhaps a dinner party with friends that's coming up? If so, ask yourself if using nitrous oxide for all the delicious dishes you want to put on the table is a good idea.

In this article we'll take you through some of the advantages of the nitrous oxide cream charger, in contrast to the separate nitrous oxide cartridges.

Economic advantage
First of all, buying a larger nitrous oxide cream charger brings an economic advantage. For the same amount of nitrous oxide, you'll spend more money if you buy the same amount of nitrous oxide cartridges.

The average price for 50 individual nitrous oxide cartridges is around 30 euros, excluding tax. A nitrous oxide tank from Fast Gas delivers nearly double the amount compared to individual nitrous oxide cartridges, however, the cost of the cream charger is comparatively much lower. Almost half the price! The cost of a beautiful nitrous oxide cream charger from Fast Gas is a paltry €29.95, including VAT.

Logistical advantage
Logically, there is a huge space saving in the transportation and storage of nitrous oxide cream chargers compared to the individual nitrous oxide cartridges. For example, most individual nitrous oxide cartridges contain about 8 grams of nitrous oxide. However, a nitrous oxide cylinder from Fast Gas contains 580 grams of N2O.

When you buy larger nitrous oxide cylinders, you save on transportation costs. But also on packaging costs. And since sustainability is an important issue on everyone's agenda, this is an important point to take into consideration. Also, due to the fact that the nitrous oxide cylinder consists of one part, it is easier to store and retrieve for larger distribution centers.

Wholesale orders
In addition to the above benefits, there is the option to purchase larger nitrous oxide cylinders at wholesale prices. This is especially interesting for the corporate market. Where previously people were overloaded with a chaos of separate nitrous oxide cartridges, now there is the possibility to escape this dance.

Through a wholesale discount and a more efficient delivery of the nitrous oxide you need, the costs can be reduced and therefore also the burden on your wallet in preparation for an upcoming event.

Besides the fact that the above points contribute to the sustainability of our planet: Fewer required storage, less logistics costs, and less packaging costs. Is there also an argument to be made about the precision that can be worked with when we look at the Fast Gas nitrous oxide cream chargers, in contrast to the loose nitrous oxide cartridges we all know.

A loose nitrous oxide cartridge must be used in its entirety at once. Of course, this doesn't apply to the Fast Gas nitrous oxide cylinders. These can be used very precisely depending on the desired amount of gas to be used.