Six Steps To Master Your Cream Charger

Cream chargers instantly improve your cooking skills.

It's impossible to imagine the kitchen of the corner restaurant or your favorite cocktail bar without it: the cream charger. The Fast Gas cream charger is a particular utensil that is used to make certain mousses or to combine different (difficult to mix) liquids into whipped cream.

For example, the Fast Gas cylinder accelerates the rate of infusion between alcohol and various oils. Accelerating this process improves the texture, flavor and appearance of dishes. The precision that the Fast Gas N2O canister can deliver makes this cream charger an established part of the kitchen for both professional chefs and at home chefs.

The size of the Fast Gas cylinder (580g) and the various parts it comes with means that it comes with an easy to follow instruction manual. We'll get into that in more detail in this blog article. In six steps, we explain how to master your Fast Gas cream charger.

1. The old saying goes; good preparation is half the work.

Remove all supplied parts from the packaging and lay them out so that they are ready to use. This is how we ensure that Fast Gas is used properly.

- The N2O cylinder - with the pressure regulator screwed on loosely
- The Cream Dispenser - with the adapter plugged in and ready for action
- A large container and spatula - to hold the contents of the dispenser

2. Measure your ingredients precisely for the best end result.

Measure out all the different ingredients you are going to use for the dish accurately before whipping them. The amount you need to use per ingredient will be clear from the recipe you are working with.

Here are some delicious whipped cream recipes!

3. Important; always choose the right pressure for your dish!

The right pressure for the dish you are going to cook is essential. Turn the knob counterclockwise to regulate the pressure.

Check the table below to find the right pressure for your dish:

Portions in ml


One portion (50 ml)

5 Bar

Two portions (100 ml)

6.5 Bar

Three portions (150 ml)

8 Bar

Four portions (200 ml)

10 Bar

Five portions (250 ml)

12 Bar

Six portions (300 ml)

13 Bar

Seven portions (350 ml)

14 Bar

Eight portions (400 ml)

16 Bar

Nine portions (450 ml)

17 Bar


4. Are you all set? Then let's get started!

Connect the Fast Gas cylinder to the dispenser and press the lever down to release the gas. You will hear a 'click' when the connection between both attributes is made.

5. Before we can really get going, shake it!

Once the gas has entered the dispenser, it's time to disconnect it. Shake vigorously so that everything mixes well in the cylinder.

6. We're not there yet, the icing still needs to be on the cake

And as a finishing touch, the final touch, it is important to let all the remaining gas run out of the cylinder before opening it.

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