Cream Chargers With Nitrous Oxide Vs Cream Cartridges

N2O Cream chargers and why they are better than cream cartridges

If you need nitrous oxide in larger sizes for your hospitality business or an event, we recommend purchasing a large cream chargers rather than small cartridges. When you purchase cartridges they often come in the form of 8 to 16 gram nitrous oxide cylinders. Such a cylinder can fill a whipped cream siphon once. For large quantities, so a restaurant with many covers or an event, does not want to refill the syringe continuously. A cream charger consists of 580 grams N2O and you can put a whole evening of delicious dishes on the table. There are more reasons why it is better to buy a cream charger, we've list them below.

The durability of cream chargers versus cream cartridges

As indicated, a nitrous oxide cream charger holds 580 grams and small cylinders hold 8 to 16 grams. When you purchase several small cylinders it means that more cartridges have to be made and therefore more steel is consumed. The small cylinders can be used about 80 times in a large nitrous oxide gas tank it is not only better for the environment but also more economically viable. Due to less steel, the packages are lighter because fewer cartridges are made for the same amount of nitrous oxide, therefore transportation costs are cheaper and so are production costs.

N2O cream chargers save you space

When you purchase many small cylinders it takes up space, in your business, storage areas or other places where you would want to store the nitrous oxide. By choosing a larger tank, you don't have to make orders as often and this saves a lot of storage space. By making fewer deliveries, also saves on shipping costs.

Cost advantage when using cream chargers instead of cream cartridges

For a package of 10 cream cartridges of 8 grams nitrous oxide, you pay an average of 5 euros. A quick calculation says that if you want 580 grams you pay 40 euros. At Fast Gas, you pay €27.99 for a tank of 580 grams N2O. So why would you buy 80 separate cream cartridges for the same amount of nitrous oxide where you also have to pay more money?

Nitrous oxide cream charger usages

When you use a nitrous oxide tank you don't have to deal with the continuous replacement of cream cartridges in addition to regulating the amount of N2O gas. The shame of small cylinders is also that if you use less than 8 grams of nitrous oxide then the rest is lost as it no longer fits into the siphon.

Altogether, there are enough advantages to choose a larger nitrous oxide cream charger and you will save money.