Fast Gas Whipped Cream

Whipped Cream That Remains Firm

This will really be unfortunate to say the least. You get the best whip cream charger and use an equally good dispenser for preparing whipped cream but not even half an hour passes by and you see that the result of your labor and initiative has started splaying and no longer remains fit to be used as topping or for garnishing.

Luckily, the solution to this problem is available and is rather easy to employ. You need a stabilizer to ensure your whipped cream remains firm and a simple thing like gelatin can serve your purpose.    

Finding gelatin won’t be that difficult as you can easily get it from a nearby grocery store. However, you can’t add gelatin just like that to the other ingredients already present in your cream dispenser. You will have to put a little bit of effort.

You will need to sprinkle gelatin powder over water and heat the mixture in a microwave. This way the gelatin will begin to melt and once it is fully dissolved, you will have to wait until it is completely cool. It is this dissolved gelatin that you must put in your whipper, which you will then have to shake vigorously before letting N2O play its part.  This is the key to keeping your whipped cream thick and firm for long. 

Whipped Cream Strawberry Recipe

The story though does not end here. What if you wish to follow an out and out vegetarian approach and have reservations about using gelatin? Again, there are alternatives to bring you out of this quandary as well. A seaweed-based thickener by the name of ‘Agar Agar’ that has no flavor has risen in popularity in recent years across the world and is particularly popular in Japan where it is called ‘kanten’. The modus operandi though remains the same.

Now, the instruments that you use to prepare whipped cream are long-term investments; so, you have to choose them wisely. While it will not be difficult for you to order a quality dispenser online, you will save big time on time, effort, and money if instead of buying N20 cream chargers wholesale in bulk, you go for something like FAST GAS cream charger that will make gas refill a breeze. The thing brings down the refilling time by almost 50%. Small chargers need to be screwed whereas in FAST GAS cream charger, you have the easy one click system.

Lastly, buying something like FAST GAS cream charger will make more sense if you are given to using your cream dispenser regularly.