Things To Know About Whipped Cream Siphons

Whipped cream siphons for more than whipped cream

Whipped cream siphons can come in handy beyond making whipped cream. Both for bartenders and chefs. You can use them to create countless dishes and certainly make the layout of the plate more interesting. There are not many devices that can make a cream of roasted wild spinach within a few minutes.

Nowadays, it is a must-have behind the bar and in the modern gourmet kitchen. But are you just new to using a whipped cream siphon yourself? We'll explain the basic things for you in this blog.

A whipped cream siphon is a metal container for liquids. The liquids are pressurized by nitrous oxide (N2O). You have different ways how the liquid can be used, you can make foams, quick infusions, marinades, whipped cream, cream and many other possibilities. There are different possibilities how big you can get whipped cream siphons, the most common ones are the 500 ml and the 1 liter whipped cream siphons. You can choose to use small whipped cream cartridges but for a controlled finish and for regular users it is a lot more cost effective to use the larger 580 gram N2O cream chargers.

How does a whipped cream siphons work?

A whipped cream siphon is fairly easy to operate, just read up on the type of substance you want to make. Each component is different. We have made a checklist below that you should follow every time you use a whipped cream siphon. This will help you avoid a big mess when something might go wrong.


  • First of all, make sure the whipped cream siphon is clean, dry, and smells clean too. Also the loose parts, you do not want the remains of the previous time in your new foam.
  • There is a rubber ring around the lid. This ensures that no N2O gas can escape. It is very important that the ring is clean every time before you use the whipped cream dispenser and that it is replaced correctly.
  • Next, you can start preparing the mixture that should come out of the siphon. Make sure the mixture is smooth and can be easily poured through the opening.
  • Pass the mixture through a sieve to remove any loose particles. This also prevents an extreme cleaning session.
  • We recommend that you put even egg whites through a sieve just to be sure. Here too, fibers can remain behind.
  • Then fill the siphon with the mixture and be careful not to overfill it.
  • Close the siphon with the lid and check that it is properly tightened.
  • Connect the whipped cream cartridge or nitrous oxide cream charger and make sure the whipped cream siphon is charged.
  • When the siphon is charged you need to shake it hard so that the nitrous oxide distributes evenly in the dispenser.
  • You may choose to keep the siphon in the refrigerator for another 30 minutes.
  • Place the nozzle of your choice on the head of the siphon and hold it face down and press the trigger. A nozzle is used for whipped cream or foam.
  • For liquid substances or marinades, it is important to first vent the siphon. You can do this by unscrewing the lid, as there is pressure on the dispenser due to the N2O gas. Then hold the siphon upright and press the lever to release the gas completely.
  • Then it is time to clean the siphon again.